Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament

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The Summit, the 11th edition of the Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament, organized by the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates and the IPU, will be held on 12 and 13 December 2016

The Summit will be held under the overall theme of “United for Shaping the Future” and will focus on the role that women Speakers can play in uniting parliamentarians around national and political interests to deliver sustainable prosperity and security in a rapidly changing world for present and future generations. It will address key questions on the evolving role of parliament, including how parliaments can work with the other branches of government, with the private sector and the wider community. That work often covers a wide variety of domains, from the economic, humanitarian and social to the political, scientific and technological

The Summit maintains the special spirit of the traditional Annual Meetings of women Speakers of Parliament and aims at providing to women in the highest decision making positions of parliament a regular forum and opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences which are of interest to their national and international agendas