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Mini-Capsule (Intubation Box)
Medical Device


One of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers treating patients with respiratory problems is protecting caregivers from infection. The Strata team, along with Mubadala Healthcare unit developed an innovative intubation capsule to optimize care and safety for COVID-19 patients and health workers, along with preventing the spread of the virus in the community.


Technical Specifications:

  • The Mini-Capsule and Mini-Capsule Plus are lifesaving devices that tackle major health issues caused by COVID-19 through the utilization of Strata’s 3D printing capabilities.
  • They are self-contained plastic boxes, which fit around a patient’s face and head to allow for proper ventilation, and provide caregivers with an additional layer of protection from infected patients.
  • A negative pressure pump comes with the capsule, the capsule is made of smaller parts and the assembly of the parts takes only 10 minutes.

Standard size of the Mini-Capsule

Smaller version of the Mini-Capsule

Standard size of the Mini-Capsule, along with a negative pressure pump

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